Smart Meter

EnPower Star SM-200

Our Smart Meter enables homeowners to take control of their power consumption while increasing energy efficiency and supporting a cleaner, greener environment.

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What You Get

UL 1973/UL 9540-Certified. All EPS products are UL-certified to guarantee compliance with the highest standards of quality, as well as safety for both workers and consumers.

SGIP-Approved. The CPUC’s Self-Generation Incentive Program gives consumers rebates for installing energy storage systems. Access SGIP and get back ~30% of the cost of your new EPS system.

10 Year Warranty. All EPS products are protected by a 10-year warranty, which covers defects, damage, and problems.

Highest Accuracy Standard. ANSI C12.20, Class 0.1, ± 0.1% accuracy.

CT-Connected Smart Meter. Features 2 CTs.

Flexible. Supports multiple EMS modes.

Versatile & Detailed. Provides detailed power usage and production tracking.

Why EPS SM-200

  • Less Effort. Eliminates the need of manual monthly meter readings
  • Real Time Monitoring. Allows real-time monitoring of electricity consumption.
  • Energy Efficiency. Enables more efficient planning and use of power sources.
  • Peak Shaving: Gives you the ability to use your stored power during peak hours, saving you 30-40% off your power bill!


Technical Documentation

SM-200 Datasheet


SM-200 Brochure


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