Ever-growing consumer demand for electricity has put pressure on energy supply, causing a real-time grid crisis within the global power infrastructure. This has made it vital that power storage systems like ours are made available to the public at affordable prices so that they can be deployed swiftly.

At EnPower Star, we leverage over 40 years of collective experience within our Executive Team in the manufacturing, processing, and sales of electronics and battery storage. This extensive knowledge enables us to understand, tackle and solve the issues surrounding the production and distribution of residential power storage systems.

We work with Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) that are best in class at what they produce. All our products are UL-certified to ensure they are tested to the highest standards. Our expertise and friendly approach make the process of switching to smart power storage effortless.


To design and manufacture the latest technology in energy storage that can provide portable, sustainable power storage systems for any home, anywhere.


To be a global leader in the supply of clean energy storage systems and lead the way toward a more sustainable future for current and new generations.


Customer safety & satisfaction

Clean & sustainable solutions


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Our Commitments

Supporting the grid. EPS residential energy storage systems not only increase reliability, but perhaps more importantly, reduce peak loads, ease localized bottlenecks and make power grids more resilient.

Reducing electricity bills. EPS batteries store surplus energy—whether it comes from a solar panel or straight from the grid—enabling homeowners to cut their electricity bills by using low-cost power.

Helping get to net zero. The global push to get to net zero by 2050 has never been more vital. At EnPower Star, we are committed to providing the latest technology in energy storage that reduces the carbon footprint and protects the environment.

Choose EnPower Star

  • UL-certified to guarantee highest quality standards

  • 10 Year Warranty for all EPS products

  • Sustainable, reliable and eco-friendly battery storage systems

  • Compatible with energy from solar panels or from the grid

  • 50-70% less expensive than our 4 major US competitors

  • SGIP-approved, which enables consumers to receive rebates for purchasing EPS products

  • Saves up to 40% on electricity bills

  • Smart Battery Management System and safety features

  • Keeps the power going even when the grid goes down

Residential Energy Storage Systems

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